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Pregnancy Sculpt by Andrea Orbeck (Hipster band NOT included)

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Pregnancy Sculpt by Andrea Orbeck (Hipster band NOT included)
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Run Time: 56 minutes
Size: 435.0 MB
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Congratulations! Learn the secrets from the sexiest Hollywood moms who stay fit during pregnancy, but also bounce right back into their skinny jeans!

Using her famous Minute Moves, Andrea takes you through her time efficient, leg, butt and thigh toning moves, a great routine for moms who don't have a minute to waste! As you prepare to celebrate your new curves, you've also found a program to maintain your love of fitness! Star and Supermodel moms turn to pregnancy fitness specialist Andrea Orbeck to maintain their tight and toned tushies and beautifully sculpted arms. Known as the Supermodel Secret Weapon Andrea will deliver efficient and safe moves to keep you strong, toned and help prevent the challenging effects of pregnancy like back pain and fatigue. Andrea uses her exclusive HIPSTER™ band in this video - an amazing, go anywhere tool to maintain that beautiful booty and develop the hip and leg strength from delivery to bikini and beyond! This DVD includes cardio work, strength and toning exercises with safe core work for all trimesters of your fit pregnancy. Do sections at a time if you are a beginner or all the way through for the full sexy mommy workout! Andrea Orbeck has motivated and trained thousands of people in Canada and the United States. She has been featured in publications such as Elle, SELF, Fitness, US Weekly, First for Women, Allure & many more.

"Andrea is a great trainer. She motivates me to get my butt in gear. She is not only fun to train with but also extremely educated about the body." - Heidi Klum

For this product, there is no DVD shipment, but you can burn your own DVD of the video (burn available on PC only). 

Andrea features her exclusive Hipster™ resistance band in this video. Hipster™ is not included with this download. To get the Hipster™, please purchase the product/download that includes the Hipster™ and the video.

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